Our special programs:

Surfin USA (The real surf music, forget about The Beach Boys)
The North and the South (differences and similarities in the music)
Bert Berns
Jerry Ragavoy
Hank Williams sr.
Brenda Lee
Sam Cooke
The Drifters
Doo Wop
Kenny Everett
New Orleans
Tye Nonsense train
R&B The real stuff
R&R and capitalism
Snuff Garrett
Sun Story
Specialty Story
The Motown sound
Vee Jay Story
Year specials (1959 - 1962 - 1963 - 1964 - 1965 - 1966)
Live in the studio:
Caroline Herring
Greg Trooper
Phil Lee
Diana Jones
Tori Sparks
And many others

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zany harky jingles (40 or more)
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Radiocartoon 2013: "Why don't you end it all", I asked my Alzheimer brother. "All right", he said....and shot me....(Jr.Walker music)

Bottle up HYPERLINK "http://www.harky.nl/415199550/product/1256487/bottle-up-go?catid=372382"& HYPERLINK "http://www.harky.nl/415199550/product/1256487/bottle-up-go?catid=372382" Go
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folk - skiffle c.d. To hear some tracks click www.folkmuziek.tk

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​Harky - Pirate Radio d.j. since 1963 -
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Drive-in Show
The old d.j.table. Nothing fancy to look at, but hey....we let the music do the talking...No era like the 50's and 60's was so full of joy and delight..doowop, soul, early pop, what more do you need?
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Skiffle and folk band

Small venue? Garden party? House party? (without the *house*) 
We'll show you how an acousic music band can rock and roll...banjo, t-bass, guitar, mandolin, blues harp, what more do you need? Email paulvangelder88@gmail.com for the nice price.
A taste of music is to be found at: www.folkmuziek.tk

Music Radio Life
Geboren: 5-4-1947 te  Schiedam
Ouders: vader Amerikaan (kapitein op koopvaardijschip uit Alabama, geboren in Tchula, Mississippi), moeder Nederlands
Vanaf dag 1: pleegouders moeder Duits, vader Nederlands
Afgestudeerd Neerlandicus, leraar o.a. Willem Wilmink, les gegeven o.a.gymnasiumklassen Helen Parkhurst College Almere
Sinds 1963 disc-jockey met steeds korte onderbrekingen.